Why do I have to register to view the contact of PG owner?

User are requested to register one time with basic information, so as to ensure genuine people are only using the website and we can maintain healthy User to Accomodation Owners relation with quality information made available for our Users/Members.


Are all Accomodation PG/Flats Listings verified?

All the listings on the PG are are 100% verified, true with real photographs taken by our team of surveyors. Our Surveyors individual visit each and every site personally and capture the required information and provide real reviews and geniune ratings based on what they see and experience at the accommodation/PG site.


Are the rates mentioned on the website fixed?

The rates are mentioned in a tentative range and actual rent can be negotiated with the Owner. We strive to reduce the time and distance between the Owner and the seeker, giving them an experience to benefit from technology and our good work.



Will flats&pg.com use my personal information for contacting me and soliciting other products?

No, the User data is strictly for verification purposes and is encrypted ensuring complete security to the Users information. We believe in building a healthy network of Members who can use the information comfortably at the convenience of just sipping a coffee.

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