Can’t Find A Girls Pg In Mukherjee Nagar? Flats & Pgs To The Rescue

Girls Pg In Mukherjee Nagar


Can’t Find A Girls Pg In Mukherjee Nagar? Flats & Pgs To The Rescue 


Got an admission in one of the prestigious colleges for women in Delhi University In Mukherjee Nagar but cannot find an affordable PG in it. Don’t worry, just call Flats & PGs. we will be your beacon of light. We have affordable and luxurious Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar which are even budget friendly but at the same time assure a location advantage. 


Locations In Our Girls PG at Mukherjee Nagar


Our Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar are in vicinity to none other than the famous Hudson Lane and Vijay Nagar, which offers way more than just an escape from the monotony and stress of the busy college life. Our Pgs in Mukherjee Nagar give you a chance to expand your social horizon by having the advantage of D.U North Campus in the vicinity, so at our Fats & PG you will find a crowd which is a mix match of students  from a variety of colleges who are pursuing different disciplines but are united by the same thought to find affordable Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar.


Security at Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar


In essence too the location advantage, you need not worry about your security at all . at our Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar is fully equipped with state of the art CCTV cameras and in addition to that , highly trained security guards patrol the campus for the safety of our students as we said our Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar doesn’t fall behind when it comes to the security of our students , we have the police station at a walking distance from them and we work in close liason with the police personnel to ensure safety at our PG In Mukherjee Nagar.


Recreational Facilities at Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar


We offer double and triple sharing as well at our Girls PGs In Mukherjee Nagar  to give you a chance to rejuvenate with your peers at the end of the day with the recreational facilities that we offer at our PGs In Mukherjee Nagar. 


Ideal Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar

New in Delhi? Looking for a pg? Can’t find one close to your College in Mukherjee Nagar? We got you covered. You are just one call away from finding your ideal accommodation in Delhi, suiting to your budget constraints and accessibility to your college. On an average a Delhi students ends up utilizing much of their monthly allowance on rent and commutation itself.


Furnished PG Accommodation In Mukherjee Nagar for girls

We at Flats and PGs help you select a pg that best suits your budget as well as the location of your college. In the current scenario we have fully furnished PG accommodation In Mukherjee Nagar for girls. It is of dire importance to us to provide you with the best service when it comes to choosing a PG. Cause choosing a PG accommodation is only one step lower than choosing an ideal house, you don’t do it every day, so when you make a decision you do not wish to be bothered by the hassle of reconsidering your decision about the accommodation.


PG In Mukherjee Nagar offering a wide range of services

We have PG In Mukherjee Nagar offering a wide range of services ranging from Laundry to meals. Like we claim you can trust us and we will fulfill the requirements you have in mind while selecting your PG which we won’t be wrong while calling it your second home. The PGs we have are equipped with much more than just your basic needs. Speaking of which, we eliminate the possibility of students getting homesick.


Sanitation is upheld, we have clean and hygienic washrooms or lavatories with a 24/7 supply of running water and a water geyser in, place to keep you warm from Delhi`s biting cold And talking of the scorching heat in summers we have air conditioned rooms at all the PGs. And to top it up our rooms have attached washrooms and to facilitate their maintenance we have highly trained staff overlooking the housekeeping of the facility.


Meals at Girls PG In Mukherjee Nagar

Your  wellbeing is our priority, as a result of which the PGs we offer provide nutritious and lavish meals four times a day for both vegetarian and non vegetarian residents. As we earlier mentioned this is a second home and home is incomplete without family members, so at our Flats and PGs we do offer single occupancy but we give you the opportunity of making new friends by  offering double and triple sharing for girls and boys respectively.


Securities at Girls Pg In Mukherjee Nagar

At our Girls Pgs In Mukherjee Nagar, safety of the residents is our top priority, to uphold that, the facilities are equipped with electronic surveillance systems like CCTV cameras and biometric scanning systems to keep unwanted personnel outside the premises. Moreover, trained guards patrol the premises and only authorized personnel are allowed entry into the foir.


Location at Girls pg In Mukherjee Nagar

Now speaking of the location advantages of our flats and pgs, allocated In Mukherjee Nagar  they offer the advantage of GTB Nagar which is famous for all its cafes and delis. In terms of accessibility, the GTB Nagar Metro station is just a walk away which makes travelling to any part of Delhi easier than you could have ever imagined. With Spark all inby, it offers a variety of advantages like convenience in purchasing groceries from the supermarket and an array of dining choices from the food court. Surrounded by many gaming parlours in the vicinity, it gives the students a chance to blow off steam and escape from the monotony of the hectic college life.


Facilities at Girls pg in Mukherjee Nagar

Since our flats and pgs our located In Mukherjee Nagar, they are in close proximity to Hudson Lane Delhi which is called the Coaching Hub of Delhi with various IAS coaching establishments such as Vision IAS, Chanakya IAS Academy, etc. So the location of our flats and pgs also gives you the portal to start or take your career to the next level, something which very less of the flats and pgs offer. With the need of nourishment of body and mind in lieu of the extensive pressure these graduation and post graduation courses put on the student, there is need for facilities to eat in the night, for which Hudson Lane and Vijay Nagar a wide range of night canteens and stalls with delicious food for students to feast on.



Affordable Girls Pg in Mukherjee Nagar

We have highly affordable pgs in the range of 8000 – 25000 INR, the details on double and triple sharing are available on our website, you can use the slider and enter the price range that is within the constraints of your budget and we will show you an establishment that suits your needs.

So give us an opportunity to fulfill the requirements of your accommodation in New Delhi, we are just a click away.

Thank you for trusting Flats and PGs while looking for your accommodation in Civil lines!

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